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MA Students

Thomas Ashforth

Sociocultural ethos of Japan towards Nuclear weapons and energy; Modern Japanese history; International Relations of Japan with East Asia and the West; Japanese politics

Elizabeth Bachman

Chinese foreign policy; Cross-Strait Relations; domestic sources of foreign policy; U.S.- East Asia relations; Pacific Rim economics and security

Yuan (Emily) Cao

China-Japan-U.S. trilateral economic relations and the rise of the Asian Century

Yichao Cui Photo

Yichao Cui

Chinese urban and female literature in the 20th century; Cultural studies of gender

Gregoire Faucher

International Relations; U.S.- Japan Relations; Sino-Japanese Relations; East Asian Transnational Crime (Yakuza, Triads, etc.); Japanese politics and society

Naoyuki Fujii

China's foreign policy; territorial claims in the South China Sea; Japan-China relationships

Jeremy Gardinier Photo

Jeremy Gardinier

Chinese foreign policy; East Asian security; Modern & classical Chinese literature

Zoe Gioja

Korea in the colonial period; gender history; contacts with Christian missionaries in Korea and East Asia; history and memory

Nancy Hamilton Photo

Nancy Hamilton

Premodern Japanese language and literature; classical Japanese poetry, linked verse, and poetic tales; poetic allusion in art and traditional practices

Tami Hioki

Modern Japanese history; historical ties and interactions between Japan and the West; Western influences on Japanese culture and society; Japanese influences in Europe and the United States

Margaret Hong

Role of body and women's rights in South Korea; Cultural and political exchange among East Asian nations; Significance of democratization in East Asian policy-making

Xiaoyi Huang

Comparative Literature; Cultural Studies; Cross-cultural Communication; Translation Studies; Modern and Classic Chinese Literature

ShanShan Jiang Photo

ShanShan Jiang

The impact of 20th Century Chinese political history on contemporary Chinese society and foreign policies, and especially how state society relationships and international relations are portrayed through cinematic representations

Xinyue Jiang

Pre-modern Chinese Art History, particularly the literati circle in Jiangnan region during Ming-Qing periods

Eunhye Jung

Korean unification, Korean foreign policy, international relations among Northeast Asian countries

Jason Ketchum

Korean history, culture, and lifestyle with emphasis on literature and poetry through various historical periods; Korean language and the translation of literature into English

Ju-Hyun Kim

Modern Japanese history, wartime depiction on Japanese media, gender studies

Nicole Kim

Cross cultural relations and communications among East Asian countries and how that compares to that of the U.S.

Liang Wei Koh

International Relations of East Asia and China; Sino-Japanese Relations; US-China Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics

Yiming Li

Chinese government bureaucracy; Relations between China and small states; American defence policies in East Asia; Military modernization and the balance of power; Cybersecurity in East Asia

Xinke Liu

Examining historical, economical, and political factors contributing to the growing socio-economical disparities and the intensifying social stratification in China

Ryan Loomis

Chinese Energy and Environmental Policy- representations, incentives, and enforcement

Yingzhi Lu

Japanese post-war literature, Japanese nationalism, Japanese sub-culture, Japanese post-war society

Yutong Luo

Modern Chinese history; Contemporary Chinese literature; Gender studies

Bailey Martinez

International security; Chinese investment in US real estate; US-China economic interdependence

Olivia Mason

Modern Chinese history; Chinese visual culture: film, fashion, and photography; comparative materials culture in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China

Marcus Morgan

Policy, Japanese Foreign Policy, Modern East Asian History

Jonathan Murrell

Chinese foreign policy; modern East Asian history; Chinese domestic political and economic trends

Min-Seo Park

The impact of media of three East Asian countries on each domestic people in terms of foreign policies.  Features of the Japanese media's way of addressing the Korean issues such as the recent impeachment.  The Chinese government's media policy in the era of ICTs.  Similarities and differences of three East Asian countries' modernization on the basis of postcolonial theory and their impact on the current trilateral relations.

Yanghe Sha

State, Economy and Society in Contemporary China; History and Culture of Modern China; Health, Aging and Social Welfare in East Asia

Toshiyuki Shichino

Exploring the Comprehensive Joint Childcare Model suitable to Japanese regional traits

Adam Stagg

Republican Chinese History; Late Imperial Chinese-Japanese Intellectual Exchange; The roots of Chinese nationalism

Zhi Ping Teo

Public Policy; International Relations; Political Economy: US-China-ASEAN Relations

Kai-Wen Tung

Comparative Politics, Democratization in East Asia, Cross-Strait Relations, Modern Chinese History

Mari Uchima

Security in Northeast Asia, US-Japan alliance and Okinawa, Futenma relocation issue, Political leadership

Xuan Linda Wong

Contemporary Chinese and Korean comparative literature; The body and the self; Memory and trauma; Temporality

Zhiheng Xu

US-China Relations; Intercultural communication and public diplomacy; China's market reform; Media, technology and Chinese society

Xudong Yang

China's role in multilateral development finance; Newly established MDBs including the AIIB and NDB; East Asian economic integration; Sino-US relations in the framework of global economic cooperation

Pearl Yip

China's economic, business and environmental policies; innovation in China vs US; notions of beauty in East Asia vs US

Ang Yu

State-society relations in China, Intergenerational social mobility in contemporary China, Chinese higher education system

Xun Yuan

Filial piety in Chinese culture; persistence and challenges to the practice of filial piety in contemporary Chinese societies; attitudes to aging and expectations for filial piety in China

Shan Zou

Comparative literature, Modern and Classic Chinese Literature/Aesthetics, Overseas Chinese Literature, Cross-cultural Studies, Chinese Media Studies