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MA Students

Photo of Fedelle Austria

Fedelle Austria

Postcolonial studies; migration studies; international relations; identity politics

Photo of Sasha Chanko

Sasha Chanko

Zen Buddhism and Japanese nationalism; transnational and transcultural religious development; Japanese-US relations

Photo of Bingrui Chen

Bingrui Chen

Pre-modern Japanese literature and art; gender studies

Photo of Liyan Chen

Liyan Chen

Causal relation between government acts and cultural background in East Asia; comparative studies between China and Japan

Photo of Min Jae Choi

Min Jae Choi

Inter-Korean relations and the influences of neighboring countries on this issue

Photo of Yan Cheng Chu

Yan Cheng Chu

Cultural-economic history of China in the early modern period; East Asian regional security; Chinese military history

Photo of Grayson Dinovitz

Grayson Dinovitz

Evolving gender roles throughout Chinese history, specifically focusing on how embedded beliefs surrounding women still influence policies, socio-cultural norms, and the status of women in modern China; international relations and policies

Photo of Sasha Earnheart-Gold

Sasha Earnheart-Gold

Venture capital and entrepreneurship

Photo of Zoe Gioja

Zoe Gioja

Korea in the colonial period; gender history; contacts with Christian missionaries in Korea and East Asia; history and memory

Photo of Haley Gordon

Haley Gordon

Contemporary Korean popular culture; representations of societal issues and historical events in modern cinema, music, and literature; Korean historical memory, especially of the Japanese colonial era

Photo of Alice Han

Alice Siqi Han

The nexus of China's economy, politics, and technology; the rise of China's tech industry

Photo of Charlie Huo

Charlie Huo

Online social movements; youth political participation; social media; online communities; state and corporate involvement in media content moderation; contemporary Chinese culture

Photo of Yingyue Kang

Yingyue Kang

Development of Cold War-era Japanese state and society and how the legacy of this development continues to shape contemporary Sino-Japanese and East Asian regional dynamics

Photo of Wei Ren Daryn Koh

Wei Ren Daryn Koh

Role of history in China's transition into the 21st century; China-Southeast Asia Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy

Photo of Abigail Lai

Abigail Lai

Modern, East Asian youth, the East Asian scholar-official, and the history of oration

Photo of Lin Chiang Lee

Lin Chiang Lee

Chinese politics - decision making and leadership succession in the new era

Photo of Fenghua Li

Fenghua Li

Interconnectedness of East Asian language, culture, religion, and art; application of East Asian philosophy to modern and global contexts; Buddhism and Buddhist art in East Asia; culture and perspective

Photo of Yingzhi Lu

Yingzhi Lu

Japanese post-war literature, Japanese nationalism, Japanese sub-culture, Japanese post-war society

Photo of Yutong Luo

Yutong Luo

Modern Chinese history; Contemporary Chinese literature; Gender studies

Photo of Sai Ma

Sai Ma

Spatiality in modern Chinese literature; Modern Chinese history; Japanese literary modernism; Digital humanities

Photo of Sijia Mao

Sijia Mao

Social Stratification in Contemporary China; Media and Society; Comparative Gender Studies in East Asia; LGBT Studies

Photo of Jie Min

Jie Min

Accountability, infrastructure and social welfare, and government-business relations in different types of political systems; repression and economic reform in authoritarian/communist regimes; historical political economy, state-building, and dynamics of ethnic identity; East Asian and Southeast Asian politics (China, Japan, and Indonesia)

Photo of Sheryl Ng

Sheryl Ke En Ng

China's actions in the South China Sea, particularly how it uses both military and non-military vessels to assert its sovereignty over its proclaimed territorial waters; how China navigates the legal and political constraints set by UNCLOS and the international community to justify its actions

Photo of Wren Ponder

Wren Ponder

Medieval Chinese Buddhism and society; Impact of Buddhist funerary rituals on the ancestral cult and filial piety

Photo of Yuchen Qian

Yuchen Qian

Cultural modernization of Japan and China, and the (re-)construction of ethnic identities and aesthetics; Contemporary Chinese (sub)culture; Transcultural communication between East and West in art and visual culture

Photo of Victoria Rahbar

Victoria Rahbar

The print culture history of shoujo manga magazines in Japan and North America. How East Asia Libraries in North America catalog, develop, and preserve manga collections. Art History; Fan Studies; History of the Book; Library and Information Science; Manga Studies

Photo of Jingxuan Shou

Jingxuan Shou

Fostering mutual understanding and avoiding conflict between the US, China, and Russia. The history of the three bilateral relationships: China and the US, Russia and the US, and China and Russia

Photo of Yuze Sui

Yuze Sui

Local governance in China, state-society relations in China, Central-local relations in China, and accountability in Authoritarian regimes

Photo of Lily Susman

Lily Amelia Susman

Culture and society in modern and contemporary China; East Asian transnational cultural history; Women and Gender Studies; Modernity, nationalism, and revolution

Photo of Shunya Tamaki

Shunya Tamaki

Comparative study of the open innovation management system between the US and Japan; the impact of flow of people, talent and technology in organizations.

Photo of Yawen Tan

Yawen Tan

’85 New Wave Movement; Art and politics in and after Mao’s China; Modern and contemporary Chinese art

Mari Uchima

Security in Northeast Asia, US-Japan alliance and Okinawa, Futenma relocation issue, Political leadership

Photo of Benjamin Villar

Benjamin Villar

Zainichi Koreans, a Korean minority residing in Japan, and focus on identity studies, how they struggle with that identity, and how they manifest through social media outlets and the struggles they face online and in daily life from others/Japanese society.

Photo of Xiaoyong Wang

Xiaoyong Wang

Digital humanities; Cultural Studies of Modern China with the interdisciplinary tools of visual analysis and media; Modern Buddhism in the making and its relations with Chinese society

Photo of Xinyi Wang

Xinyi Wang

Economic history of modern China; Income inequality in China (the urban-rural divide); East Asian Buddhist art.

Photo of Anqi Xu

Anqi Xu

Contemporary Chinese and global art; international trade with a Chinese and digital focus; the emergence of artificial culture on digital channels; health industry (fitness and nutrition); Interdisciplinary methodology

Photo of Tiffany Yang

Tiffany Ellen Yang

The political symbolisation of female heads of state in East Asia, especially South Korea and Taiwan; the role of media in political symbol-making; symbolic disputes

Photo of Shiyun Ye

Shiyun Ye

Social and political history of late imperial China; Gender Studies

Photo of Alyssa Yee

Alyssa Yee

China's economic, political and security objectives in the Central and South Pacific, especially in connection with the Belt and Road initiative

Xun Yuan

Filial piety in Chinese culture; persistence and challenges to the practice of filial piety in contemporary Chinese societies; attitudes to aging and expectations for filial piety in China

Photo of Wanqian Zhang

Wanqian Zhang

International Relations; U.S.- Japan Relations; Sino-Japanese Relations; Korea in the colonial period; Japanese intellectual history; Pacific Rim economics

Photo of Li Zhao

Li Zhao

Gender, kinship and family in late imperial China; translated novels and their influences on genre development

Photo of Shirley Zhao

Shirley (Xuehan) Zhao

Modern Chinese history, historical and contemporary Sino-Japanese relations, history and memory

Photo of Zhiyun Zhao

Zhiyun Zhao

Comparative literature, focusing on the comparison of Chinese and American literature; environmental and medical humanities; theatre studies

Photo of Tingyu Zheng

Tingyu Zheng

Comparative literature and culture on topics related to 20th century China, where huge political and social transformation as well as unspeakable havoc have taken place (the “Great Leap Forward,” the “Cultural Revolution,” and other catastrophic social engineering); how literature as an agency of collective memory plays a role, not only in preserving but in actively constructing these cultural traumas as well as mending them, and how it continues to be of critical importance to contemporary Chinese society, which is also witnessing waves of metamorphosis and the rise of nationalism and populism