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Becoming a Visiting Scholar

The Center for East Asian Studies hosts a small number of visiting scholars each year who reside in the area and conduct research in consultation with a Stanford faculty member. Normally in residence for one academic year, scholars work independently on their own research projects while participating at CEAS events and in the intellectual life at Stanford. Please note that to become a visiting scholar, you must find a Stanford faculty member to sponsor your visiting scholar status prior to applying at CEAS. You can view current visiting scholars by clicking here. In addition to the scholars listed here, more visiting scholars and visiting fellows who research on East Asia may be found in the following departments, centers, or programs: 

Program Requirements

To become a Visiting Scholar at CEAS, applicants must:

  • Hold a PhD degree
  • Currently have an academic appointment at another institution of higher learning
  • Have a confirmed Stanford faculty sponsor
  • Show proof of financial support equal to a minimum of $2,500 per month for the entire length of their visit (for international scholars)
  • Pay the CEAS Visiting Scholar Fee ($1,500 for stays of 90+ days, and $500 for stays of <90 days)
  • Satisfy university-mandated background check requirements and English language proficiency verification

Application Procedure and Deadlines

Visiting Scholars affiliated with CEAS must have a Stanford faculty member sponsor their visit. Potential scholars should first contact a faculty member in their relevant field to discuss the possibility of sponsorship, describing their research interests and plans for research and study during their visit to Stanford, the faculty members and research groups they expect to interact with, and any classes they expect to attend. The description should also indicate the proposed length of stay and the ways in which the visitor's research and educational objectives will enhance those of CEAS. Please include your CV with your letter of application. Once the Stanford faculty member has contacted CEAS to confirm sponsorship, we will contact the applicant to begin the paperwork necessary for affiliation. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

CEAS Visiting Scholar Fee & Privileges

CEAS charges a visiting scholar fee of $1,500 for stays of 90+ days and $500 for stays of <90 days, payable at the arrival orientation.  Visiting Scholars will have the benefit of the title "Visiting Scholar," will receive an ID card according them library privileges at the University libraries and sports privileges at the University's sports facilities, and may apply for a full-service University email account. Health benefits are not provided. Spouses do not have library or other privileges, though individual arrangements can on occasion be made for access to sports facilities. Limited shared office space is available on a first-come first-served basis. We cannot guarantee that scholars will have office space during their visit. CEAS is unable to provide computers for visitors. It is recommended that visitors who need regular access to a computer for writing or research bring one with them or buy one here.

Visa Application Process & Fees

Foreign scholars will need to apply for a J-1 visa to enter the U.S. as a Visiting Scholar. CEAS staff will help guide scholars through the application process. This process, from initial contact to receipt of the visa can take up to six months. Prospective visitors are encouraged to begin planning for their visit early. There are two types of J-1 visas:

  •  Regular J-1
  •  Short-term J-1

Foreign scholars who will be at Stanford for more than six months will apply for a regular J-1 visa. Scholars may be in the United States on a J-1 visa for a maximum of five years before the scholar is required to return to their home country. After completing their program, however, regardless of length of stay in the U.S., scholars will be barred from returning to the U.S. under a second J-1 visa for two years. The two-year bar does not apply to programs less than six months; thus a short-term J-1 visa is the best option for visitors who are only staying for less than half a year.

The Stanford fee for preparation of the initial and transfer DS-2019 documents for J-1 Visiting Scholars and family members, as well as costs for mailing of the documents via international courier, is included in the CEAS Visiting Scholar fee (see above). All other J-1 application fees, including the SEVIS fee of $180 to the US Government which is paid online by the Visiting  Scholar before receiving the DS-2019, along with any local embassy/consulate appointment fees, are paid directly by the scholar.

Financial Support

CEAS does not provide funding for visiting scholars. All scholars who apply must show proof of financial support (through any combination of private funds, institutional support, or fellowship) equal to a minimum of $2,500 per month for the length of their entire visit. While this is the minimum required amount, due to the high cost of living around Stanford, CEAS recommends the following minimum funding amounts:

  • $4,000/month Visiting Scholar
  • $1,000/month Spouse
  • $ 800/month each dependent child

Thus, we recommend a family of four have a minimum $6,600/month for the length of their stay.

Housing Information

CEAS staff are unable to assist visitors with finding housing. Visitors are able to view on-line listings and other resources at the University Housing Office once their names and e-mail addresses are forwarded during the application process. Visitors are also encouraged to utilize other resources such as Craigslist, or other pay-for-service rental sites.