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Stacked M.A. theses on a table

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CEAS M.A. Theses

All CEAS M.A. students are required to submit a final thesis as part of the degree requirements.  Prior to 2017, all theses were submitted via hard copy and those hard copy theses are located for review in the CEAS offices- Knight Building, 1st floor.  We ask that hard copy theses are reviewed in the office and are not taken from the Knight Building.  Beginning in 2017, CEAS M.A. theses are now submitted electronically to the Stanford Digital Repository and links to these documents are located in the thesis database.

Catalogue Number Graduation Year Authors Title Region Adviser Adviser's Department
493 2023 ZHONG, Mia Yiyin Shielded Grandeur: A Conversation between Daoism and Frankfurt School in Chen Chuncheng’s Short Stories China Ban Wang East Asian Languages and Cultures
492 2023 LEE, Jiah Navigating Place, Gender, and Desire: A Study of Strangers in Bupyeong District, Incheon, South Korea Korea Sharika Thiranagama Anthropology
491 2023 LAN, XIAOPENG Controlled Discrimination: The Perceptions and Policies of Sino-Muslims and the High Qing Statecraft China Matthew Sommer History
490 2023 ZHOU, XiaoJian Jenn Reframing US-China strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific: the role and agency of Southeast Asian nations East Asia Michael McFaul; Scot Marciel Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
489 2023 ZHANG, Qing Yang Shifting Gears: Exploring the Dynamics of China's Energy Market Transition towards Renewable Energy Integration China Mark Thurber Program on Energy and Sustainable Development
488 2023 WILLETT, Mary The Resurgence of the Korean War Blockbuster in Chinese Cinema: How China Uses the Korean War to Promote Nationalism Korea Dan Sneider Center for East Asian Studies
486 2023 LOH, Samuel Ke Qin 'The only race fitted for the work': Overseas Chinese, racial capitalism, and the making of British colonial Malaya, c. 1867-1909 East Asia Steven Press History
485 2023 LAROCCA, Andrew A Dangerous Game: China's State Media Perceptions of Strategic Competition with the United States China Larry Diamond Political Science
484 2023 SHEN, Sharon Wushuang The Impact of Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) on Chinese Adolescent Mental Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis China Scott Rozelle Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
483 2023 LI, Yanni Governing Culture: A Social Network Analysis of the Culture System in the Chinese Bureaucracy China Xueguang Zhou Sociology
482 2023 LEE, Yoojung Men, Money, and Mistrust: The Story Behind South Korea’s Conservative Uprising Korea Gi-Wook Shin Sociology
481 2023 GOLDFINE-MIDDLETON, Dylan Scott Chen Renyu’s Junpu: An Annotated Translation with Discussion on China’s Earliest Edible Mushroom Manual China Ban Wang East Asian Languages and Cultures
480 2023 DEGUCHI, Yoshiki Economic Dependence on Japan and China’s Response to Anti-Japan Demonstrations from 1985 to 2012 China Jean Oi Political Science
479 2023 CHENG, Ying Japan’s Security Strategies Towards China in the Scope of Defense White Papers, 1972-2014 Japan Kiyoteru Tsutsui Sociology
478 2023 BROWN, Rebecca Punish or Play it Down? China’s Reactions to Border Standoffs with India China Oriana Skylar Mastro Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
477 2023 AOKI, Rika China’s Economic Statecraft in Cross-Strait Relations: A Case Study of Outbound Tourism and Agricultural/Fishery Trade China Alice Lyman Miller Center for East Asian Studies
476 2022 VILLAR, Benjamin The world of Ito Junji: Social criticisms and the reflections of horror within Japanese society Japan James Reichert East Asian Languages and Cultures
475 2022 SHOU, Jingxuan Friendship with Limits--Contemporary Chinese Evaluation of the Relationship with Russia via Study of the Korean War China Thomas Fingar Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
474 2022 PETERMANN, Wolfgang Back on Track: Thailand's High-Speed Rail within China's Belt and Road Initiative East Asia Donald Emmerson Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
473 2022 LIANG, Lemeng Economic Inequality and Local Political Trust in Modern China: Exploring the Role of Social Values China Xueguang Zhou Sociology