All East Asian Studies M.A. students must submit a Master's Thesis representing a substantial piece of original research.  


The submitted thesis must meet the following requirements:

  • 10,000 words minimum, excluding references, citations, appendices, etc.
  • Submitted online to the East Asian Studies Thesis Collection within the Stanford Digital Repository by the standard university thesis deadline and by following the  CEAS SDR Deposit Instructions
    • If the faculty adviser also requires a printed, bound version to be submitted, theses should be bound using "strip binding" with a clear plastic cover and black plastic back cover (can be done at Kinko's on campus)
  • Containing the adviser's signature on the Standard Thesis Title Page

Thesis Proposal

Students must submit an approved thesis proposal and literature review by the end of the quarter prior to the quarter in which they intend to graduate.  The proposal is the statement of the research question, the rationale for the research, the theoretical and empirical background that the student is bringing to bear, and the methodology.  The 5-10 page proposal must be reviewed and approved by the student's adviser.  The Thesis Proposal and Literature Review Guidelines contain the cover page for the proposal, which must be printed out, approved, and signed by the student's adviser, and submitted to CEAS.  


Thesis Workshop

Students are required to attend one CEAS thesis workshop during their time in the M.A. program.  The biannual workshop includes topics such as: developing a manageable and successful thesis topic, working efficiently and effectively with faculty, and managing a working timeline.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they enroll in the workshop and attend prior to graduation. 

Campus Resources

Students may find it valuable to review past submitted thesis topics in our thesis database.  Submitted theses are also available to read in the CEAS Offices.

Recent Thesis Topics

The Great Manchurian Plague: An Event of Nation-Making and the Experiences Failed to be Captured
ZHAO, Xuehan (Shirley) | 2021 | 452
REGION: China | Matthew Sommer, History
Rural-Urban Distinction in the Late Ming Huaben
ZHAO, Li | 2021 | 451
REGION: China | Yiqun Zhou, East Asian Languages and Cultures
The Deterrent Value of U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa: The Case of Futenma
UCHIMA, Mari | 2021 | 450
REGION: Japan | Daniel Sneider, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Striking the Balance: "Checks and Balances" in the Post-1978 Chinese System
KANG, Yingyue | 2021 | 449
REGION: China | Thomas Fingar, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies