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Overseas Language Programs

Stanford students who are interested in studying East Asian languages overseas may attend approved summer- or year-long language programs. Graduate students may also qualify to attend one of three inter-university consortium programs specializing in advanced Chinese-, Japanese- or Korean-language study. Qualified graduate students may be eligible for scholarship and fellowship opportunities to attend these programs, including the FLAS, Blakemore, The Nippon Foundation Fellowship, and more.


Approved Language Programs


IUP Class of 2019 students

IUP Class of 2019 (courtesy of the IUP)

The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP) at Tsinghua University is a Chinese language training program established by Tsinghua University and a consortium of international universities. IUP consortium includes ten universities. IUP is dedicated to delivering advanced Chinese language training to its participants, including undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and recognized scholars from top universities worldwide. IUP’s highly effective teaching methodology has been in use for over fifty years, and its graduates use the language expertise learned at IUP for successful careers in education, government, law, business consulting, public relations, news media, diplomacy, and other fields.

IUC class of 2014-15

The Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC) is the premiere American program for in-country advanced Japanese language training, founded by Stanford in 1961 and currently administered by a consortium of 16 North American universities with major programs in Japanese studies. The program is designed to bring each participant to a level of proficiency sufficient for academic or professional use. Training focuses on development of the ability to converse in Japanese on specialized subjects, to comprehend and deliver public presentations, and to read and write materials in Japanese in order to function professionally in academia, business, government, and other fields.

2022 IUC students in Korea

IUC Students Fall 2022

The Inter-University Center (IUC) for Korean Language Studies at at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) offers advanced academic Korean language training for students seeking pursue post-graduate Korean Studies, access primary sources, and translate between Korean and their own language.