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Matthew Sommer standing in the Stanford quad atrium - photo by Do Pham
  • Faculty

Matthew Sommer, the Bowman Family Professor and professor of history, has been awarded a grant of $60,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to fund a research project titled “Criminal Procedure in Eighteenth-Century China: The Qing…

Dr Regan Murphy Kao at the East Asia Library


(From the Stanford Libraries ReMix: a Monthly Newsletter)

Dr. Regan Murphy Kao has been selected as the new director of the East Asia Library at Stanford, where she has served since 2012 as the Japanese Studies…

Peter Duus black and white photo
  • Faculty

Stanford history professor Peter Duus helped found and foster the fields of modern Japanese history and Asian studies through his research and mentorship at Stanford and abroad.

Peter Duus, the William H. Bonsall…

Harumi Befu
  • Faculty

Harumi Befu, a pioneer of Japanese studies, helped transform views of Japan.

DECEMBER 7, 2022

Harumi Befu, a professor emeritus of anthropology in Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences who challenged and exposed stereotypes…

Dafna Zur
  • Faculty

On a recent trip to South Korea, CEAS director Dafna Zur was asked to moderate a conversation about sustainability between SM Entertainment founder and executive producer Soo-man Lee, member of K-Pop group EXO SUHO, and other faculty, including…