CEAS M.A. Student Forms

CEAS Graduate Student Handbook           
The handbook contains procedures, policies, and resources available to students in the CEAS M.A. Program.  Students may refer to the document for their year of admission for academic policies related to degree completion. 
AY 2023-24 
AY 2022-23 
AY 2021-22

Program Proposal Form            
University-required list of all anticipated coursework needed to fulfill degree requirements. Due to CEAS office prior to the end of first enrolled quarter.

Advisor Meeting Form
Form required to be submitted once per quarter by all students.

M.A. Course Petition Form            
Students can petition up to 3 non-East Asia specific courses total to count towards their 9 course degree requirement, if the courses show significant justification and relevance to their research/career goals within the degree program. Courses may be methodology courses that aid students in conducting research for the thesis in a particular discipline, or non-East Asia content courses of specific interest.  Petitions must be submitted to CEAS no later than the Friday of the second week of classes for any given quarter.

Directed Reading Approval Form            
Directed reading courses (EASTASN 300) may be taken with relevant Stanford Faculty members for the purpose of completing independent study projects. Students must submit an instructor-approved syllabus to the CEAS office for approval via the Directed Reading Approval Form no later than the end of the second week of the quarter in which the course will be offered.  Students may use this template to ensure all required information is included.

Coterminal Program Forms

Procedures and Application Forms for Coterminal Students
The Coterminal Degree Program permits Stanford undergraduates to study for a bachelor's and a master's degree simultaneously, in the same or different departments.

Coterminal Course Approval Form
Coterm students can use this form to request that courses be transferred from one career to the other.

Common Stanford Graduate Student Forms

All student forms that are submitted to the Registrar/Student Services Center are now housed in the eForms portal accessible via Axess.  For more information regarding eForms, please see: Stanford Registrar Student eForms