Research Area(s)

Jing Yan

Jing Yan, Ph.D., She is Associate Professor of Beijing Dance Academy. She was previously the Executive Director of Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Center for Minzu Dance and has 23 years of experience as a university teacher. Jing Yan's research focuses on world traditional dance culture and art anthropology. Her works, such as Ethnic Group Sharing of Physical Experience—A Study of Circle Dance of Mixed Ethnic Groups Cohabitating in Lanping, Yunnan, Images about the Chinese Dance Culture, Dance with People—Field Study and Application Research of Chinese Folk Dance mainly focus on the study of dance of ethnic minorities in China. She is currently a curator at the China Dance Museum of Beijing Dance Academy and has led multiple projects and curated several dance exhibitions. In recent years, she has been to India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy, Switzerland and other countries for academic exchanges and visits. She holds a Ph.D degree from Minzu University of China and M.A. from Beijing Dance Academy.

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