Research Area(s)

Janice Stockard

Dr. Janice Stockard is a cultural anthropologist trained in the area of Chinese studies.  Her research and publications focus on the effects of globalization and technological change on gender, family, and marriage primarily in China, but also more broadly cross-culturally. 

This year, one of Stockard’s long-term writing projects has published as a ‘digital-first’ anthropology text, Mapping Cultures Across Space and Time (Cengage 2018), which provides greater in-depth focus on China than any previous text.  Stockard is currently completing a second long-term project, “Silk Roads to New England, 1760-1860,” which is a work in historical ethnography – and a companion volume to her earlier ethnography, Daughters of the Canton Delta: Marriage Patterns and Economic Strategies in South China, 1860-1930 (Stanford 1989).  Both works focus on the rise and decline of a silk industry, tracking developments in technology, marriage, and gender within regional silk cultures. 

Stockard has also co-edited an anthology (Globalization and Change in Fifteen Cultures), authored a widely used text on cross-cultural marriage practices (Marriage in Culture), and served as Co-Editor of the Spindler anthropology series ‘Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology’ (2005-15).  She currently serves on the Social Science Advisory Board at the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT).  Stockard received her degrees in anthropology from Stanford. 

Janice  Stockard