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Cyrus Chen

Years in Fellowship:
PhD. in History, University of California, Berkeley

Cyrus Chen, Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley, 2014, was the 2014-15 Chinese Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at CEAS. Dr. Chen's dissertation is The Nationalizations of "Manchuria": Jin Yufu, Manchukuo, and the Dongbei Tongshi (1887-1962). He taught "Manchuria - Cockpit of Asia, Cradle of Conflict" in winter quarter 2015. Dr. Chen was the teaching assistant for "Chinese Law and Society, Imperial China and the World", and the reader for "Traditional Korea." He also taught English and American cultures at Jilin University's College of Medicine. Dr. Chen also has extensive experience working in major archives in Beijing, Shanghai, and Academia Sinica.

Cyrus  Chen