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Dec 2 2016 | Posted In: China
by Kathleen J. Sullivan   Stanford senior Clayton Garner and alumna Kimberly Diane Chang have won 2017 Schwarzman Scholarships for graduate study at Tsinghua University in Beijing, a leading university in China known for its scientific and technological research.   Garner, who is pursuing a...
Dec 2 2016 | Posted In: East Asia
By Lisa Griswold   U.S. President Barack Obama’s term will end in January 2017 and a new administration led by Donald Trump is expected to take office, so: what does this mean for U.S. policy toward Asia?  
Nov 21 2016 | Posted In: China
Stanford professor and CEAS-affiliated faculty Andrew Walder has been awarded the Founder’s Prize from the journal Social Science History for his paper, “Rebellion and Repression in China, 1966-1971.”
Aug 11 2016 | Posted In: Korea
Joseph Seeley has won the 5th annual Korean Studies Program Prize for Writing in Korean Studies for his paper entitled "Frozen Paths, Fluid Barriers:  The Seasonal Geographies of Yalu River Border Security, 1931-1945." A second-year PhD student in History, Joseph's research focuses on the...
Jul 20 2016 | The Dish | Posted In: , | Posted In: East Asia, Inner Asia
In early July 2016, the Center for East Asian Studies explored contemporary arts development in China in a major event at the Stanford Center at Peking University.