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US-Asia Technology Management Center Annual Meeting: For Affiliates and the Public

Photo of Stanford campus
May 20, 2020 - 3:00pm to 6:30pm
Zoom Webinar

Join us for our yearly update on US-ATMC activities, a strategic research overview, and a keynote plus discussion on open innovation, digital transformation, and related topics.

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Chenyang Xu, Co-Founder of the Silicon Valley Future Academy on Open Innovation: A Strategic Imperative for a Corporation to Succeed in Its Digital Transformation Journey”

Digital technologies have reshaped every industry in our modern economy.  Companies that are non-digital natives such as those in traditional industries are finding it harder to keep up with the accelerating changes.  They are facing increasing existential threats by new nimble, digital native competitors and existing competitors that have mastered digital transformation and are innovating at a faster speed and a bigger scale.  Just by looking for change catalysts and practices within one’s own company or industry will no longer be enough to achieve successful digital transformation and gain competitive advantages. Instead more and more companies are adopting open innovation as a strategic approach to search digital innovations and practices wide and deep beyond the borders of their companies and industries to catalyze and speed up its digital transformation journey.  This talk will examine why open innovation is imperative for the successful realization of digital transformation and illustrate its applications with real-world examples.

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