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#TheIndiaDialog Conversation: Understanding Black Economy in India

Thu May 30th 2024, 8:00 - 9:00am
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US-Asia Technology Management Center


Presented by the Institute for Competitiveness, India and the US-Asia Technology Management Center

Guest speaker: Arun Kumar, Author

Arun Kumar, joined JNU in 1984 and retired as the Sukhamoy Chakravarty Chair Professor in the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2015. In 2022, he Chaired the Commission on Unemployment set up by Civil Society Groups. He was President of JNU Teachers’ Association for 2014. He has been the Vice President and Acting President of Indian Academy of Social Sciences. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from JNU and a Masters in Physics from both Princeton University USA and Delhi University. He is a gold medalist of Delhi Higher Secondary Board and Delhi University. He has specialized in Development Economics, Public Finance and Public Policy. He was in National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (1982-85) working on the Report on the black economy in India for CBDT, GoI. He published, ‘Indian Economy since Independence: Persisting Colonial Disruption’, (2013), ‘Understanding Black Economy and Black Money in India: An Enquiry into Causes, Consequences and Remedies’, Feb., 2017, ‘Demonetization and the Black Economy’, December 2017, ‘Ground Scorching Tax’, analyzing GST, February 2019 and ‘Indian Economy’s Greatest Crisis: Impact of the Coronavirus and the Road Ahead’, December 2020. The last three books are published by Penguin Random House.


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This program is part of a monthly online seminar series hosted by US-ATMC Director Dr. Richard Dasher and the Institute for Competitiveness’ Honorary Chairman Dr. Amit Kapoor. Guest speakers are invited to share their perspective on India’s development and its challenges. This series is a continuation of The India Dialog summit, an annual conference that addresses the transformations of India’s economic and social landscape. Visit our India Dialog page for more information.