East Asian Studies Workshop - Fixing Landscape by Corey Byrnes

Corey Byrnes
Tue April 13th 2021, 4:30 - 6:00pm
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Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Via Zoom
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The seventh 2020-21 year meeting of the East Asian Studies Workshop will focus on a new book by Professor Corey Byrnes of Northwestern University, entitled Fixing Landscape: A Techno-Poetic History of China’s Three Gorges (Columbia University Press, 2019).

At the workshop, Professor Byrnes will first provide an introduction to his book, followed by commentaries from two discussants: Melissa Hosek (Ph.D. candidate in modern Chinese literature) and Ting Zheng (Ph.D. student in modern Chinese literature). The floor will then be open for questions from the audience.

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From the publisher:

In 1994, workers broke ground on China’s Three Gorges Dam. By its completion in 2012, the dam had transformed the ecology of the Yangzi River, displaced over a million people, and forever altered a landscape immortalized in centuries of literature and art. The controversial history of the dam is well known; what this book uncovers are its unexpected connections to the cultural traditions it seems to sever. By reconsidering the dam in relation to the aesthetic history of the Three Gorges region over more than two millennia, Fixing Landscape offers radically new ways of thinking about cultural and spatial production in contemporary China.

The electronic version of the book is available through the Stanford Library