Conquest Women of the Liao and Jin Dynasties

Mon May 24th 2010, 4:15pm
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Center for East Asian Studies
Philippines Conference Room, Encina Hall, 3rd Floor
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Free and open to the public.
Conquest Women of the Liao and Jin Dynasties
Speaker: CEAS CHINA COLLOQUIUM, SPRING 2009-10 ***PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE AND LOCATION. TALK HAS MOVED FROM 5/20 TO 5/24.*** Linda Cooke Johnson Professor of History, Michigan State University The official Liao history states, "[T]he Liao began from horseback and lived on horseback. Both empresses and imperial concubines were good at shooting, hunting, and military affairs. . . . This custom is unprecedented." These women, surprisingly, were also praised for their Confucian educations, literary creations, poetry, wise counsel, and Buddhist piety, as well as valor. Drawing on historical, literary, archaeological, and artistic resources, this presentation will survey the lives of Kitan, Jurchen, and Han Chinese women living under the Liao and Jin dynasties. Outstanding individuals include Empress Yingtian, wife of the Liao founder, who cut off her right hand rather than follow the emperor in death, Empress Chengtian, who ran the state for 30 years during her son's reign, led Liao armies to victory, and enjoyed a long-term relationship with her prime minister, and Yang Miaozhen, a bandit leader who led troops against Song and Mongol armies.
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