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Critical Theory and Ecology: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (COMPLIT 371)


This class will bring together aesthetics, politics, and art around ecological questions. We will survey the key themes in ecocritical humanities and critiques of anthropocentrism by reading selected chapters from Literature and the Environment (Timothy Clark). We will move on to the Marxist eco critique of capitalist economy, human alienation from nature, alienated labor as well as Frankfurt school critiques of instrumental rationality. Major readings include The Enemy of Nature (Kovel), Creating an Ecological Society (Magdofff and Williams), chapters from The Robbery of Nature (Foster and Clark), and essays by Adorno and Benjamin. Taking a comparative perspective, we will study Chinese eco-narratives such as Waste Tide (Chen Qiufan) and Unfolding Beijing (Hao Jingfang).nnChinese is not required. PhD students are required to write a term paper of 20-25 pages. MA and undergraduate students will write two essays of 8 pages in response to the questions.n nTexts to be purchased. Literature and the Environment (Timothy Clark); Creating an Ecological Society (Magdofff and Williams); The Robbery of Nature (Foster and Clark). The rest of readings are available on Canvas.

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