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More Real than Fiction: Perspectives of History and Theory in Modern Korean Literature (KOREA 350)


The past two decades have brought about a significant reassessment and new theoretical engagements with colonial and postcolonial Korean fiction. Colonial fiction has typically been read in binary terms: modernist/realist, resistant/collaborative, and political/escapist. In the postwar era, fiction has typically been viewed in frameworks that take into account fallouts from state developmentalism and division, the movements of bodies and capital, precarious social dynamics and gender politics. The purpose of this survey seminar is to interrogate the relationship between Korean fiction and the social/political/economic conditions of its production. We will do so by reading novels and short fiction from the last century alongside recent scholarship from both within and outside the Korean studies field. While doing so, we inquire into the efficacy of the area studies/Korean studies paradigm and investigate theoretical frameworks that might be applicable to Korean fiction in different periods. May be repeated for credit.

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219 940
Letter or Credit/No Credit