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CEAS M.A. Theses

All CEAS M.A. students are required to submit a final thesis as part of the degree requirements.  Prior to 2017, all theses were submitted via hard copy and those hard copy theses are located for review in the CEAS offices- Knight Building, 1st floor.  We ask that hard copy theses are reviewed in the office and are not taken from the Knight Building.  Beginning in 2017, CEAS M.A. theses are now submitted electronically to the Stanford Digital Repository and links to these documents are located in the thesis database.

Catalogue Number Graduation Year Authors Title Region Adviser Adviser's Department
443 2021 TAMAKI, Shunya Porter's Five Forces in Reward-based Crowdfunding: The case study of Makuake Japan Richard Dasher East Asian Languages and Cultures
442 2021 HUO, Charlie Everyday Life as Resistance: Social and Political Participation through Networked Cultural Practices in Contemporary China China Miyako Inoue Anthropology
441 2020 ZHAO, Zhiyun A Chinese American Vision of The King and I: American Culture, Democracy, and Policy in Soft Power China Ban Wang East Asian Languages and Cultures
440 2020 YE, Shiyun Practices and Judgements of False Accusations during the Late 18th Century and Early 19th Century China Matthew Sommer History
439 2020 MAO, Sijia The Reconfiguration of Homosexuality in Beijing Comrades China Ban Wang East Asian Languages and Cultures
438 2020 LAI, Abigail Grasping the Heavenly Vault and the Vessel in Raku Kichizaemon XV's Chawanya East Asia Alice Lyman Miller East Asian Studies
437 2020 GIOJA, Zoe The Women's Bureau: Women's International Organizing in South Korea, 1945-48 Korea Yumi Moon History
436 2020 CHANKO, Sasha Secularization, the Decline of Temple Buddhism, and the Search for Connection in Contemporary Japan Japan John Kieschnick Religious Studies
435 2020 ZHANG, Wanqian "Similarity" and "Confusion" as Criteria for Determining Trademark Infringement in Modern China-- A Comparison of Judicial Interpretations before and after 2014 China Richard Dasher Center for East Asian Studies
434 2020 NG, Sheryl China's "Gray Zone" Strategy in the South China Sea- A Discourse Analysis China Donald Emmerson Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
433 2020 LUO, Yutong Poems on Landscape Paintings in Tang Dynasty China Ronald Egan East Asian Languages and Cultures
432 2020 LU, Yingzhi On Late Tanizaki Jun-ichiro: Transcription, Authorial Discontent, and Creative Revival Japan James Reichert East Asian Languages and Cultures
431 2020 LEE, Lin Chiang Governance under Xi: Party Leadership and Centralized Decision-Making in the Xi Jinping Era China Alice Lyman Miller Center for East Asian Studies
430 2020 KOH, Wei Ren Daryn Evolution in the Portrayal of Chinese Forces in Chinese War Films China Jean Ma Art and Art History
429 2020 CHU, Yan Cheng Inroads into the Global Cyberspace: The Visions and Prospects of China's Digital Silk Road China David Lampton Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
428 2020 QIAN, Yuchen Streaming the Forgotten Land China Ban Wang East Asian Languages and Cultures
427 2020 YANG, Tiffany Ellen Female Presidents: Gender and Political Campaigns East Asia Jennifer Pan Communication
426 2020 XU, Anqi Innovations in Art Through the Lens of Business Model Analysis and the Dynamics of Creative Industries: A Case Study of teamLab China Richard Dasher East Asian Languages and Cultures
425 2020 WANG, Xiaoyong “For Here or to Go”: Stanford Chinese Students in the Talent Flow between the United States and China China Gordon Chang History
424 2020 TAN, Yawen Dialectic Redemption: Lang Jingshan, Literati Landscape in Photomontage, 1920s-1940s China Ban Wang East Asian Languages and Cultures