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Ahn, Kwangdeok
China East Asian international relations; East Asia regionalism especially in multilateral security cooperation, U.S.-China relations; the Korean Peninsula problem.
Ahn, Heashin
East Asia
International relations in East Asia, U.S. foreign policy in East Asia, U.S.-Korea relations, North Korea issues
An, Jianghong
China Sociocultural and linguistic anthropology, media and cultural studies, STS, semiotics
Bruess, Alexander
Japan Tokugawa Japan, modern Japanese history, East Asian Buddhism, relationship between Buddhist thought and Japanese society
Buie, Courtney
China Urban development and planning; Chinese land reform; Energy and sustainability in China; East Asian geopolitics; U.S.- China relations
Chen, Lixun
China Chinese diaspora and Sino-US relations; economic and political reforms of the Greater-China Area
Chiao, Asia
China East Asian art history with a focus on contemporary Chinese art; art law, cultural heritage policy, the art market and museum studies
Chua, Hern Hern
China Chinese-African Relations, Chinese-Southeast Asian Relations, Chinese Foreign Policy
Chuapetcharasopon, Nalin
China Marketing and branding strategies of foreign companies within the Chinese market; differing consumer characteristics in tier-ed cities; business development in tier-ed cities; Chinese revolutionary literature
Chung, Wookyung
Korea International Relations, US Policy toward East Asia including Korea-Japan relationship, Korean peninsula
Cohen, David Dakota
China State-society relations in non-democratic societies, and especially the bases of stability in contemporary China
Fan, Yaqian
China Sino-Japan relations; new media and its social implications in East Asia; mass culture; the Internet and its empowerment in China; digital divide; machine translation
Fang, Chen
China China's elite politics; source of political legitimacy; farmer discontent and regime responses; China's floating population
Gao, Yichen
The Korean Peninsula politics, East Asian economy especially Chinese and Korean economy, U.S.- China-Korea relations
Gee, Andrew Kent
Strategic international business practices prevalent in trilateral FDI among China, Japan, US—and the effect of economic interdependence on trilateral relations, politics and policy
Gomez, Carlos
China Comparative Sino-American Alternative Energy Policy, Chinese Solar Industry, China's Political Economy
Im, Sikyun
China International relations; U.S.-China relations; security in East Asia; China-South Korea relations; gender in East Asia
Jiang, Yuhui
China East Asian history and culture; Chinese literature and aesthetics; social and political theory; intellectual discourses on emotions, temporality, and spatiality
Jiang, Yuxi
China The history and development of education policy in China; interaction between economic growth and human capital investment; role of education and microfinance programs in the economic development of rural areas in East Asia
Johnson III, Stephen
China Chinese politics and foreign policy, modern Chinese history, US-China relations, Chinese cultural history
Kang, Siliang
East Asia Chinese and Japanese art history; Sino-Japanese relationship; Chinese antiquity research
Kim, Elisa Haeryoung
Korea Historical sociology of modern South Korea; its effects on current domestic/foreign policies, specifically South Korea's international relationship with North East Asian countries and the U.S.; globalization and the Korean diaspora
Kim, Euisung
East Asia
International relations; history of East Asia; Korea-Japan relations; Korea-China-Japan relations
Krost, Stacy
China Modern Chinese literature and media; public reaction to Chinese literature and media; implications of public reaction for China's political process; intersection of politics and media
Lee, Jun-Youb (JY)
Korea Asian & Asian American intellectural history and Korean business history
Li, Zhoujia
China China's image in the global media; cross-cultural communication; public awareness of cultural inheritance; gender ideology in Chinese culture; modern Chinese drama
Limon, Daniel
China China's start-up ecosystem; business strategy in China; US-China relations and great power rivalry; social order in Chinese society; East Asian territorial disputes
Lohr, Heidi Kathryn
China Imperial China and its government; Chinese culture, specifically literature, music, and art; town and city life during Imperial China; women’s literature and history
Lokshin, Benjamin
Korea North Korean cultural policy, North Korean state ideology, inter-Korean relations, East Asian nationalism, Tumen regional issues, East Asian sociolinguistics
Luo, Mian
China Political and economic reforms; market transition in the information age; social uprisings; modern Chinese history
Meng, Tianlin
Chinese & Japanese art history; Political functions of artworks during dynastic China & Japan; History of Japanese Kanshi
Myers, Ian
Japan Japanese Literature, Japanese Entrepreneurship, East Asian-U.S. Relations, Modern Japanese History, East Asian Education, Japanese Buddhism in Modern Japan
Nakahara, Tenei
China Cultural and social anthropology; Gender and sexuality studies; Anthropology of Religion; Chinese Studies
Pratt, Walter
China Post WWII Japan, Sino-US Relations, PRC-ASEAN Relations, Overseas Chinese Communities in SE Asia, Cross Taiwan Strait Relations
Rath, Allison
China Modern and traditional Chinese history, Asian art history, women's history, cultural anthropology, alternative political systems
Robbins-Juarez, Alyeska Danelle
Japan Social robots in Japanese society; pre-modern Japanese history; Buddhism and Shinto; medical and environmental studies in Japan; European intellectual culture in Japan
Santiago, Eric
Japan Adaptation of modern Japanese literature to film and visual media; stylistics and narrative incorporating the influence of Western literature and thought in Japanese culture; perceptions of sexuality in literature and culture
Sea, Jielin (Jane)
China East Asia regionalism (especially the multilateral security cooperation), China's defense capabilities, East Asian nationalism and economic growth, China's political economy
Shen, Wenqiang
China Chinese foreign policy; contemporary Chinese politics; East Asian relations; security in East Asia
Shkurko, Anya
China Chinese business and trade, Chinese foreign investments, Internet, Software and Information Technology businesses in China, overseas IT outsourcing in China, linguistics, natural language processing
Sun, Jodie Murong
Japan Nihonjinron, cultural identiry, role of education in shaping national identity, nationalism in East Asia
Tabi, Olivier
China Economic development ; Political economy ; Business & entrepreneurship
Tan, Erin Ying
East Asia
East Asian culture and media evolution; international relations; East Asian history and its influence on regional dynamics; Chinese business culture
Tapia, Susan Del Carmen
Korea US Diplomacy, Korea- South/North Relations, Japanese immigrant populations, women's issues
Tian, Yuan
China Modern Chinese history and politics, political movements, revolution and people's motivation in social movements in modern China, with specific focuses on the Cultural Revolutions, Red Guards and the students and intellectuals in the May 4th Movement
Wang, Qianyuan
China Chinese political economy and law, Geopolitics and security in Northeast Asia
Wen, Mianmian
Economic relations among China, Japan and the U.S., especially the comparative research on the RMB and JPY exchage rate issue, East Asian cooperation, TPP and ASEAN 10+X
Wilcut, Lisa
Japan Japanese religion, particularly Shinto, Zen and the Mikkyo schools of Buddhism; Japanese literature and intellectural history; Japanese classical poetry; Japanese traditional culture in contemporary practice
Wong, Daniel Bruce
China Organizational behavior; economic transition and financial system; the Internet and computers in Chinese society; human-computer interaction
Wu, Xiaodong
China Chinese cinema, modern Chinese literature, May Fourth movement, cultural policy of China
Yang, Liu
China Cultural resources preservation; cultural identity and ethnography
Ye, Liyi
China Poverty and Inequality in Asia; U.S.- East Asia Relations; Financial Reform and Economic transition in China
Yin, Le
China Chinese economic transformation, Chinese private equity and venture capital market, Chinese entrepreneurship
Zhai, Xiang
China Sino-American relations; cross-Strait relations; Chinese history since Ming; contemporary Chinese politics
Zhang, Yue
China Chinese political economy and legal system; contentious politics and political culture; comparative study between China and Japan
Zhang, Yinxue
China Chinese book history,gender issues,Chinese cultural history, Sino-Japanese relations
Zheng, Yiwen
ancient Chinese and Japanese literature;  Chinese art history
Zhu, Shien
Comparative economic policies; the comparison between Chinese organizational structures and the Japanese Keiretsu system; multi-cultural communication and media studies; transnational corporations in East Asia
Zhu, Yu
China Chinese political economy and international relations; finance in contemporary China; social movements in China after 1949