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Name Regional Focus Area of Interest
An, Jianghong
China Sociocultural and linguistic anthropology, media and cultural studies, STS, semiotics
Ashforth, Thomas
Japan Sociocultural ethos of Japan towards Nuclear weapons and energy; Modern Japanese history; International Relations of Japan with East Asia and the West; Japanese politics
Bachman, Elizabeth
China Chinese foreign policy; Cross-Strait Relations; domestic sources of foreign policy; U.S.- East Asia relations; Pacific Rim economics and security
Biddlecombe, Cee Cee
East Asia Modern East Asian culture and creative industries; influence of East Asian literature on the West; urban policy and development
Bruess, Alexander
Japan Tokugawa Japan, modern Japanese history, East Asian Buddhism, relationship between Buddhist thought and Japanese society
Buie, Courtney
China Urban development and planning; Chinese land reform; Energy and sustainability in China; East Asian geopolitics; U.S.- China relations
Buttke, Calla
China U.S.- China relations, contemporary Chinese culture, media and technology in Chinese society
Cao, Yuan (Emily)
China China-Japan-U.S. trilateral economic relations and the rise of the Asian Century
Cohen, David Dakota
China State-society relations in non-democratic societies, and especially the bases of stability in contemporary China
Fan, Yaqian
China Sino-Japan relations; new media and its social implications in East Asia; mass culture; the Internet and its empowerment in China; digital divide; machine translation
Faucher, Gregoire
Japan International Relations; U.S.- Japan Relations; Sino-Japanese Relations; East Asian Transnational Crime (Yakuza, Triads, etc.); Japanese politics and society
Fujii, Naoyuki
China China's foreign policy; territorial claims in the South China Sea; Japan-China relationships
Gao, Yichen
The Korean Peninsula politics, East Asian economy especially Chinese and Korean economy, U.S.- China-Korea relations
Guo, Jiawen (Daris)
China authoritarianism and democratization; China's economic and political reform
Hioki, Tami
Japan Modern Japanese history; historical ties and interactions between Japan and the West; Western influences on Japanese culture and society; Japanese influences in Europe and the United States
Huang, Xiaoyi
China Comparative Literature; Cultural Studies; Cross-cultural Communication; Translation Studies; Modern and Classic Chinese Literature
Ide, Samuel
China Sino-Central Asian relations particularly in terms of trade and security, East Asian geopolitics, Asian regional trade integration, Great Power politics
Jiang, Yuhui
China East Asian history and culture; Chinese literature and aesthetics; social and political theory; intellectual discourses on emotions, temporality, and spatiality
Kim, Dong youn
Korea Korean Unification, Korea-US-China-Japan Relationship
Kim, Seung Yeol
Legal and strategic review of mutual defense treaties of the United States in East Asia; Analysis of arms & arms control agreements of the U.S. and its policy on disposition of weapons in East Asia; Strategies in U.S.-ROK-China trilateral relations
Kim, Nicole
Korea Cross cultural relations and communications among East Asian countries and how that compares to that of the U.S.
Kim, Jason
Korea Korea, US, Japan, China Relationship; Analysis of N. Korean/ S. Korean reunification and how it would impact China, Japan, and the US
Lam, Jason
China US-China Relations, Security Issues in the Pacific Region, PLA Modernization and Leadership
Lau, Samantha
Japan Modern Japanese history, gender studies, relationship between state and society, construction of wartime experiences and memory making in Japan and East Asia
Le, Lin
China State-society relations in China; China's political economy; the rise of China and international politics; the Tibet issue; nationalism
Lee, Jun-Youb (JY)
Korea Asian & Asian American intellectural history and Korean business history
Lee, Michael Minyoung
Korea Foreign relations among the East Asian countries, with emphasis on how they relate to the U.S.'s own interests
Lee, Sollim
Korea Northeast Asia peace and security regime; history of East Asian countries; East Asian political economy; US foreign policy
Li, Lu
China Cross-cultural communication and business model localization; new media and innovation and their effects on China-U.S. economies and business relations
Limon, Daniel
China China's start-up ecosystem; business strategy in China; US-China relations and great power rivalry; social order in Chinese society; East Asian territorial disputes
Liu, Xinke
China Examining historical, economical, and political factors contributing to the growing socio-economical disparities and the intensifying social stratification in China
Loomis, Ryan
China Chinese Energy and Environmental Policy- representations, incentives, and enforcement
Lu, Yingdan
China Media, technology and Chinese society; Contemporary Chinese politics; Public deliberation and Chinese policy; Media coverage in East Asia
McGurk, Stewart
China Modern Chinese history and cultural anthropology; race and identity; China-ASEAN relations; multilateral security cooperation in Asia-Pacific
Meixsel, Pearly
Japan Japanese Business Practices, Globalization Strategies & Entrepreneurship Infrastructure; Japanese Economic Policies & Relations with US/East Asia; Modern Japanese History
Meng, Tianlin
Chinese & Japanese art history; Political functions of artworks during dynastic China & Japan; History of Japanese Kanshi
Morgan, Marcus
Japan Policy, Japanese Foreign Policy, Modern East Asian History
Poh, Michelle
Japan The Japanese firm: corporate governance and culture, labor-management relations, gender-specifc workplace norms; Political economy of East Asia
Prakash, Preetam
China Late Qing-Modern China; The Relationship between Formal Law and Informal Legal Practices in China; Chinese Political Theory and History; Legal, Political, and Social Perspectives on Corruption and Virtue in China
Seeley, Mengxi (Margaret)
East Asia China-North Korea economic relations and developmental engagement; food security and nutrition in North Korea and rural China
Sha, Yanghe
China State, Economy and Society in Contemporary China; History and Culture of Modern China; Health, Aging and Social Welfare in East Asia
Song, Yanchen
China International Relations in East Asia, China's foreign policy and its determinants, Chinese political economy, cyberspace and its impact on elite-mass relations in China
Sun, Lihuang (Rachel)
Japan Japanese art history, Japanese popular culture, Production and distribution of art and culture in Japan, Japanese environmental literature
Suo, Feiya
East Asia East Asian international relations; U.S.- China- Korea relations; Political system and political transformation of China and Korea; Political culture of Korea
Tian, Ziyao
China Chinese studies; urban sociology; contemporary Chinese history; family, gender and life course; cultural anthropology; Danwei system
Vu, Lillian
East Asia Korea and Japan's historical and modern diplomatic relations; cultural heritage management; soft power; politics of memory
Wilcut, Lisa
Japan Japanese religion, particularly Shinto, Zen and the Mikkyo schools of Buddhism; Japanese literature and intellectural history; Japanese classical poetry; Japanese traditional culture in contemporary practice
Wong, Xuan Linda
East Asia Contemporary Chinese and Korean comparative literature; The body and the self; Memory and trauma; Temporality
Wong, Daniel Bruce
China Organizational behavior; economic transition and financial system; the Internet and computers in Chinese society; human-computer interaction
Wu, Yifei
China Sociocultural anthropology; Body politics, ideology, and power in China; The symbolics of the body; Media and panopticon; Comparative literature
Xing, Yina
East Asia Economic Integration of East Asia; Trilateral relation of China, Japan and Korea; US's Foreign Policy in East Asia
Yang, Xudong
China China's role in multilateral development finance; Newly established MDBs including the AIIB and NDB; East Asian economic integration; Sino-US relations in the framework of global economic cooperation
Yang, Jier
Feminism/Women's issues in China and Japan, cultural exchange in modern East Asia, Modern Chinese and Japanese literature and media
Yoshinaga, Megumi
East Asia Sino-Japanese relations: (i) the history and politics of territorial disputes between China and Japan; (ii) how the politics of memory (of WWII) affects this dispute; (iii) how historical memory affects the public sphere and constrains political actors
Yuan, Xun
China Filial piety in Chinese culture; persistence and challenges to the practice of filial piety in contemporary Chinese societies; attitudes to aging and expectations for filial piety in China
Zou, Shan
China Comparative literature, Modern and Classic Chinese Literature/Aesthetics, Overseas Chinese Literature, Cross-cultural Studies, Chinese Media Studies