Film Screening and Discussion: Homeland in the Borderland

Keiko Ōkawa, Director
Keijiro Suga, Producer

Levy Hideo (1950-) is the first Westerner to write novels full-Lme in Japanese. Homeland in
the Borderland follows Levy as he returns to his childhood hometown of Taichung, Taiwan, for
the first Lme in half a century. He makes the journey accompanied by poet Keijiro Suga
(producer), and Wen Yuju, former pupil and fellow author -- herself a Taiwan naLonal wriLng
in Japanese. Keiko Ōkawa’s camera captures Levy as he dares to step into the space he once
called “home,” at Lmes fumbling uneasily, at Lmes like a joyous child reborn. The film is a
surprising testimony to a case of radical will working in today’s globalized border writing.

The film will be introduced by Stanford alumnus Christopher D. Sco[, translator of Levy’s A
Room Where the Star-Spangled Banner Cannot Be Heard (Columbia University Press, 2011).

Friday, May 23, 2014 | 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Old Knight Building, Room 201, 521 Memorial Way

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures