Stanford-Berkeley Graduate Student Conference on Premodern Chinese Humanities


Friday, April 11
Oksenberg Room, Bechtel Conference Center 3rd floor, Encina Hall, 611 Serra St., Stanford

Welcome 8:45-8:55
Richard Saller, Dean of Humanities and Sciences

Session 1 9:00-9:50
Presenter: Zhenzhen Lu (University of Pennsylvania), “Games, Temple Festivals, and
Deities of Play: On Aspects of Popular Religion in a Manual on Kickball”

Discussant: Armin Selbitschka (Stanford)

Session 2 9:50-10:40
Presenter: Xiaolin Duan (University of Washington), “Ten Scenes of West Lake:
Intersection of Tourism, Visual Culture and Aesthetics during the Southern

Discussant: Ronald Egan (Stanford)

Break 10:40-10:55

Session 3 10:55-11:45
Presenter: Joshua Herr (UCLA), “The Best Laid Plans: Cultural and Political Change in
a Hereditary Domain in Western Guangxi, Seventeenth through Eighteenth

Discussant: Kevin Carrico (Stanford)

Lunch 11:45-1:15

Session 4 1:15-2:05
Presenter: Yanping Lu (Stanford), “Through All Four Seasons: Wei Yingwu’s
Lamentation for His Wife”

Discussant: Paula Varsano (Berkeley)

Session 5 2:05-2:55
Presenter: Irena Cronin (UCLA), “The Connection Between Ritual and Government in
the Chunqiu zuozhuan 春秋左傳: An Empirical Study”

Discussant: Michael Nylan (Berkeley)

Break 2:55-3:10

Session 6 3:10-4:00
Presenter: Jeffrey R. Tharsen (University of Chicago), “The Poetry in the Prose:
Comparative Analyses of Phonetic Structures and Prosody in Selected
Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions, the Earliest Chapters of the Classic of
Documents and Speeches from the Zuo Commentary to the Spring and Autumn

Discussant: Yiqun Zhou (Stanford)

Session 7 4:00-4:50
Presenter: Thomas J. Mazanec (Princeton), "The Gāthā in Medieval China, or, Are You

Discussant: Paula Varsano (Berkeley)

Friday, April 11, 2014 | 8:45 am — 5:00 pm | RSVP
Oksenberg Conference Room, Encina Hall, 3rd Floor

The Confucius Institute at Stanford
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures