Experience Chinese Traditional Music--Guzheng Recital

Music 5G class, instructed by Daisy You

Stanford Guzheng Ensemble is group of Stanford students from all disciplines that have been drawn together by their interest in learning how to playguzheng, or the Chinese harp. This instrument has 18 to 23 strings and is considered the ancestor of other Asian zither instruments such as the Japanese koto. This performance showcases the efforts of students who have spent just a year learning Chinese harp. They are joined by students who have continued their instruction over several years at Stanford. The ensemble began as a student-initiated introductory course to gu-zheng, but over the years, as the class grew in size, students began practicing as a group in beginners and advanced sessions. Performances are given every quarter to demonstrate the members' talent in Chinese music and to spread appreciation for classical Chinese music. Led by renowned harp player Daisy You, the group explores both traditional and contemporary pieces for gu-zheng and occasionally incorporates other Chinese instruments as well. As interest in Chinese instruments grows across the US, Stanford Gu-Zheng Ensemble hopes to become the local foundation for the promotion of Chinese music on campus. The Instructor Hui You is a well-known gu-zheng soloist in China, and a soloist with the Ohlone Symphonic Pops Orchestra, the New Music Works, the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, and the San Francisco World Music Festival, and is currently a teacher at the Music Department of Stanford University.

Sunday, June 02, 2013 | 8:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Campbell Recital Hall

Department of Music