Memory andNationalIdentity in North Korean Cultural Production

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The symposium, “Memory and National Identity in North Korean Cultural Production,” has gathered scholars researching North Korean cultural production. At a time when much of the analytic energy goes into trying to predict North Korea’s next political move, assess its military or economic strategies, or to determine the extent of an ever-growing Chinese influence, this workshop emphasizes North Korea's multifaceted artistic expressions that continue to be produced for both internal and external consumption. The presentations in this conference engage with film, art, literature, and music with an attempt to both de-mystify and illuminate the ways in which North Korea continues to remember its past and define itself in an increasingly globalizing world.

Conference Schedule

2 Nov 2012 (Friday) @ Encina Hall, 616 Serra St., 3rd floor, Philippines Conference Room 

8:30~9:00  Registration

9:00~9:20  Welcoming Address (Shin Gi-Wook)

Session 1 Representations of the Nation in Music, Print and Film  

9:30~9:50 Tatiana Gabroussenko, University of New South Wales/ North Korean Studies Faculty of Korea University

“The narrative of Yǒungye kunin and its role in construction and reinforcing of North Korean national identity.” 

9:55~10:15 Adam Cathcart, Pacific Lutheran University 

“In the Protective Shade of the Sun King: North Korean Music Ensembles as Regime Core and External Representation.” 

10:20~10:40 Martin Petersen, University of Copenhagen 

“Reading for the North Korean reader: the representation of cultural consumption in DPRK graphic novels in the 2000s”

10:45~11:30 Roundtable discussion  (Sonia Ryang, University of Iowa)

11:30-12:45 Lunch and Keynote speech:  Professor Marsha Haufler, University of Kansas 

“Monumental Mosaics of the DPRK”

12:45-13:15: BREAK

Session 2Self and Other in Literature and Film

13:15~13:35 Dafna Zur, Stanford University

“Correcting Nature's Mistakes": Science Fiction in North Korean children's literature, 1950-1965

13:40~14:00 Travis Workman, University of Minnesota

“The Legitimating Other: Changing Images of Japan in North Korean Cinema, from Sea of Blood to The Country I Saw”

14:05~14:25 Suzy Kim, Rutgers University 

“Punyŏ (Mother) and Ch’ŏnyŏ (Maiden): Gendered Formation of Revolutionary Heroes in North Korea”

14:30~15:20  Roundtable discussion (Choe Sanghun, New York Times)


Session 3 Film and Humor

15:45~16:05 Dima David Mironenko-Hubbs, Harvard University 

“Unexpected Encounters: The Hollywood Origins of the New North Korean Cinema”

16:10~16:35 Immanuel Kim, Binghamton University

“Satire and National Identity in the Comedy Film Series Uri Jip Munje”

16:40~17:00 Kim Cheehyung, Duke University

“Ego-Documents and the Everyday Culture of Ideological Conversion in Postwar North Korea”

17:00~17:50 Roundtable discussion (Ted Hughes, Columbia University)

18:30 Participant Dinner  

Friday, November 02, 2012 | 9:00 am — 6:00 pm | RSVP
Philippines Conference Room, Encina Hall, 3rd Floor

Center for East Asian Studies