Special Adress 2: The Coming Wave of East Asian Democracy

Larry Diamond, Director, Center for Democracy Develoopment and the Rule of Law,Stanford University

With the eruption of mass movements for democratic change throughout the Arab world in 2011, hopeful analysts of global Democratic prospects have focused attention on the Middle East. But if a new regional wave of transitions to democracy unfolds in the next five to ten years, it is more likely to come from East Asia- a region that has been strangely neglected in recent thinking about the near-term prospects for extension of democracy. And East Asia is also better positioned to increase the number of liberal and sustainable democracies. Unlike the Arab world, East Asia already has a critical mass of democracies. 40% of East Asian states (seven of the seventeen) are democracies, moreover, there are now significant prospects for Democratic change in the number of the region's remaining authoritarian regimes. In China there is escalating pressure for Democratic change with increasing economic development, educational changes, and information levels of the middle-income group of China's population. Professor Larry diamond will deliver a talk about the general trend of East Asian democracies in the past decade and prospects for the future.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | 1:45 pm — 3:15 pm
Arrillaga Family Dining Commons Hall