A Chinese Printmaker's Cultural Identity and the Transformation in Contemporary Printmaking

Qi Chen (陈琦), Professor, Prints Department ,Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing

Note: Talk given in Chinese with translation in English.

In this lecture, Qi Chen will introduce developments in contemporary Chinese printmaking and discuss what topics attract printmakers' attention. By examining works of representative artists such as Bing Xu and Qi Chen, he will outline some central concepts underlying contemporary printmaking.

Born in 1963, Qi CHEN was trained as a printmaker at the Nanjing Art Academy.  He is now professor in the Prints Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.  Among the several prominent prizes that he has received is the Gold medal of the 13th National Print Exhibition (1996).  His works have been collected by China National Art Museum, British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, the New York Public Library, and Shanghai Museum.

Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 6:00 pm — 7:30 pm
Cantor Center for Visual Arts Center - Auditorium, 328 Lomita Drive, Stanford University

Center for East Asian Studies
Cantor Arts Center
Department of Art and Art History