ICA Summer Film Festival - "Raise the Castle" (2005)

2011 ICA Summer Film Festival-A World of Laughter

June 23—September 15, 2011


“Life literally abounds in comedy if you just look around you.” —Mel Brooks

The ability to make someone laugh with you, to share a moment of unabashed mirth, is a wonderful gift.  When people share a genuine laugh, barriers of language, class, gender, and religion can be erased instantaneously, if only for a moment.  This laughter may stem from the absurd or slapstick, the cutting or insightful, but it always disarms the viewer and includes them in the fun.  This year, the Division of International, Comparative, and Area Studies brings you six films from around the globe whose directors apply this gift of laughter to a variety of subjects and situations.  Travel the world with us to experience the humor that infects us all, to share a good laugh, and to be reminded that wherever we are, there is always something to make us smile.

Introduction by John Groschwitz, Associate Director, Center for East Asian Studies

A cross between Kurosawa and Python!  The samurai lord, Ondaiji, travels 400 years to fulfill his dream of raising a castle.  He finds an understanding professor, dim town officials, a mysterious old lady, and happy-go-lucky tramps who suggest the best material for the castle is cardboard!

60 mins. (Japanese with English subtitles)
This film is not rated.

Sponsored by the Center for East Asian Studies 

Thursday, July 14, 2011 | 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Building 200 - Room 002 (Basement), 450 Serra Mall Stanford University

Division of International Comparative & Area Studies (ICA)
Center for East Asian Studies