Constraints on China's Foreign Policy: Inside and Out

Oksenberg Confernce

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Thomas Christensen
(keynote speaker) - Department of Politics at Princeton University
Jean C. Oi (moderator) - Director, Stanford China Program; William Haas Professor in Chinese Politics; Professor of Political Science and FSI Senior Fellow at Stanford University
Terry Sicular (panelist) - Department of Economics at Stanford Univeristy
Stan Rosen (panelist) - Department of Political Science at University of Southern California
Bruce Dickson (panelist) - Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University
Michael H. Armacost (moderator) - Shorenstein Distinguished Fellow, Shorenstein APARC at Stanford University
Scott Kastner (panelist) - Department of Government and Politics at University of Maryland
Ely Ratner (panelist) - Associate Political Scientist at RAND Corporation
Tai Ming Cheung (panelist) - School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at University of California, San Diego

This group of expert panelists seek to assess what China is doing in the global arena and ways in which China's activities on the world stage have changed China and the international system. Many commentaries on China's rise and growing engagement in international affairs seem to posit inexorable behaviors explained by realist theories about the behavior of rising states or the will, cunning, and putative goals of Chinese leaders. Such explanations often ignore or downplay the many ways in which China's foreign policy and behavior on the world stage are shaped by domestic pressures, structural features of the international system, and the initiatives and responses of other countries.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011 | 1:30 pm — 5:30 pm
Bechtel Conference Center, Encina Hall, 1st floor

Shorenstein APARC