Celebration of Arts and Culture in Contemporary Mongolia, February 2-5, 2011

Arts and Culture in Contemporary Mongolia

A joint program with the Pan-Asian Music Festival at Stanford and in collaboration with UC Berkeley, this multi-day symposium and concert program bring together Mongolian artists, musicians and scholars to discuss and showcase the current state of art and culture in contemporary Mongolia. Over the course of the four days, scholars and artists will perform, discuss and celebrate the rich arts and cultural heritage of Mongolia at both UC Berkeley and Stanford University campuses. The symposium and lectures are free and open to the public and do not require registration. Concerts and other noted events will require ticket purchase. For updated schedules, ticketing and admission information, please visit:
• UC Berkeley events:
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TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Schedules, locations and admission policies are subject to change):
Symposium is free and open to the public.

4:00pm 5:15pm Mongolian artists discuss their works: a Lecture/Demonstration

5:15pm 6:30pm Poetry in Mongolia Tradition: Lecture/Demonstration by Mongolian poets

8:00pm 9:30pm Music in Mongolia Tradition: Lecture/Demonstration

Thursday, February 04, 2010 | 2:00 pm — 10:30 pm
Braun Music Center

Center for East Asian Studies