CANCELLED: Research Presentations by Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows

Earn Key Joo, Shorenstein APARC Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows,Samsung Electronics
Seung Gun Park , Shorenstein APARC Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows, Samsung Electronics

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In this session of the Shorenstein APARC Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows Research Presentations, the following will be presented:

Earn Key Joo, "How Samsung Electronics Can Sustain Its Success"
Recently, Samsung Electronics has grown significantly within a short time.  On the other hand, Sony, the role model for many Korean companies including Samsung Electronics, and justly renowned for introducing many revolutionary products, has stumbled during the past decade.  In his research, Joo looked into some of the factors that caused trouble for Sony.  He will present his findings in this presentation and share what lessons this can provide Samsung Electronics to sustain its success.

Seung Gun Park, "The Growing Impact of Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) on Patents in the United States and Counter Strategies of Manufacturers"
Today, major companies not only face threats of litigation from competitors, they face increasing pressure from organizations known as non-practicing entities (NPEs).  NPEs, which do not manufacture or distribute products, are demanding and generating revenue by suing major corporations for infringing on patents they own.  These entities do not acquire patents for getting into new markets, but for the sole purpose of seeking revenue using the threat of litigation against potential patent infringers (manufacturers).  In this session, Park will discuss current Intellectual Property (IP) market trends and transactions, and the growing impact of NPEs.  Park will be focusing on the strategies against NPEs under the current patent infringement system and proposed rule changes to curtail NPE activities.

Friday, December 10, 2010 | 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm
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