VC Panel: Investing in China Cleantech and Energy

David Gong, Managing Director,Terraza Venture
Scott Chou, General Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners

China's public and private sector commitments to improving
energy efficiency and environmental impact have created
a wealth of opportunities for venture capital investment. 
Our panel discusses major areas of interest for early and
mid-stage investors and also challenges for investors and
potential business partners in realizing the potential of these
high-growth China markets.

David Gong is the Managing Director of Terraza Venture,
a cleantech business advisory firm in both the US and China, 
and a Venture Partner of Tsing Capital.  David is also a founding
board member of US-China Green Energy Council.   David has
many years of technology business creation and operational
experience in the high tech, retail and cleantech sectors.  He
was a founding partner and VP of Business Development for
Hoosier Genetic Engineering, a cleantech/alternative energy
company providing technologies to produce ethanol from
cellulosic biomass.  He was also the founder and CEO of JudoSoft,
a startup providing intelligent outsourcing value management
services to global companies. David received a BS in Physics from the
University of Science and Technology of China, a MSEE from Purdue
University and a MS in Physics from University of Miami, as well as an
MBA from Santa Clara University.

Scott Chou is a General Partner at Gabriel Venture Partners.
He is known within the venture industry for his focus on disruptive
technologies and for authoring "Maxims, Morals, and Metaphors –
A Primer on Venture Capital."  Scott's passion for early stage
technology ventures extends back to high school when he joined
his first startup as a software engineer.  He has since worked for
five more technology ventures including Poqet Computer and ICE
in addition to world-renowned R&D organizations such as Bellcore
and IBM. His broad expertise in technology spans the industry from
manufacturing to software development to chip design. Scott completed
the prestigious Kauffman Fellows Program  in 1999 with Onset Ventures.
He later joined Gabriel VP in early 2000, where he focuses on research
labs for fundamental innovations and China for maximizing capital efficiency.
His educational background includes a bachelor’s Degree in electrical
engineering with honors from Caltech as well as masters degrees from
Harvard University and Stanford University.

Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 4:15 pm — 5:30 pm
Skilling Auditorium, Stanford University

US-Asia Technology Management Center