Can Innovation Succeed in China?

Zhu Jing, CTO,Shanda

Many innovative US-based Internet giants failed miserably in China. Also, many people think that successful Chinese companies are not innovators, but copycats . Therefore, it is easy to conclude that innovation won’t succeed in China. Zhu Jing strongly disagrees. Zhu Jing thinks innovation does happen in China, and can be quite successful. In Zhu Jing’s speech, he will lay out some of these examples, including Shanda. Zhu-Jing also believes that some US-based innovator fails in China due to that China is different from US, and you have to adapt to the environment change responsively to succeed. 1. MC introduction of Speaker and Shanda 2. Introduction 3. Technology Innovation 4. Business Model Innovation 5. Micro-Innovation 6. Wrap-up

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Shanda’s Introduction
Shanda was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the "100 Fastest-Growing Companies” in 2009 and ranked 7th in their global Network Ranking, overtaking famous multinational companies such as (#52) and Google (#68). Shanda was ranked 2nd in the global entertainment industry ranking, which was the highest among Chinese companies and higher than multinational competitors such as DreamWorks SKG (#4) and Blizzard Entertainment (#6). As one of the four giants of China’s internet industry, Shanda’s dedication to innovation has been one of the primary factors behind its rapid growth in the past ten years. It led the online game industry in China with its cutting edge business model and was the first to develop, establish, and set the rules for how the industry would develop. It survived the collapse of the internet bubble in China by creating and switching to the CSP, or come stay pay, business model from the CPS, or come pay stay, business model. As the first Chinese internet company to generate positive net income, it became the leading force in the interactive entertainment industry in China by consolidating the entire industry value chain, including online and offline resources, literature, music, movies, and tourism. With one of the best and most progressive management teams in China, the company has become a magnet for some of the finest and most creative talent in the business.

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