The Banality of Religion: Close Readings of the Everyday

Student Conference

Two day conference is open and free to the public. See details for 5/22 panels on separate listing.
Location: Board Room, Stanford Humanities Center

"The everyday is the most universal and the most unique condition, the most social and the most individuated, the most obvious and the best hidden" (Henri Lefebvre, "The Everyday and Everydayness"). A graduate student conference dedicated to exploring aspects of everydayness in religious texts, artifacts and practices. The participants' papers present analyses of the ways the ordinary and the usual are represented, performed and lived in religious contexts, and suggest fresh and thought-provoking definitions of 'the banal' and 'the mundane' in religion. We are honored by the presence of two keynote speakers, Professor Robert Orsi of Northwestern University, who will lead a seminar in the opening session of the conference, and Professor James Robson of Harvard University, who will deliver a keynote speech on Saturday afternoon.

Panel I:

Framing the Humdrum on Hallowed Ground: Interrogating the Quotidian in Studies of American Religion and Vernacular Photography
Rachel McBride Lindsey, Princeton University

Immersion and Assent: Overcoming the Impurity of the Everyday in Rabbinic Law
Mira Balberg, Stanford University

Hairy Religion: Clement of Alexandria's Use of Hair as a Material Technology in His Construction of Christianity
Philip Webster, University of Pennsylvania

Please visit next day's event listing for details on the rest of the conference on 5/22/10.

Friday, May 21, 2010 | 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm
The Board Room, Stanford Humanities Center

Department of Religious Studies