Creating Global Ventures - The Next Challenge for Japan's Evolving Venture Habita

Allen Miner, Chairman & CEO,SunBridge Corporation

Recognized by Fortune magazine and Always On as one of the world's 100 top technology investors, Mr. Allen Miner has significant experience in Internet, enterprise and open-source software, entrepreneurship, and international technology transfer.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with degrees in Computer Science and Asian Studies, Allen joined Oracle Corporation in 1986. He was subsequently dispatched to Japan, where he founded and helped lead Oracle Japan. Oracle Japan achievedcommercial success in entering the Japanese market that is widelyregarded as a model for U.S. firms. Following the successful IPO of Oracle Japan, Allen founded SunBridge Corporation in 1999. SunBridge provides a variety of growth-enablingl services to startups and global enterprises including early stage venture capital investment, software product and internet system development, sales and marketing services, organizational strategy and recruiting.

As SunBridge CEO, Allen aims to create a dynamic, collaborative ecosystem in which Japanese technology startups develop at a globally competitive pace. He has been actively involved in each of SunBridge group's investments resulting in numerous successful IPOs, including, MacroMill, ITMedia and G-Mode, among others.

Allen currently serves on the Boards of Japan and several other SunBridge portfolio companies. He has advised numerous Japanese government projects focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and serves on the board of NPO ETIC, a Tokyo organization promoting social entrepreneurship and providing entrepreneurial training for university students. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Japan Venture Capital Association upon its founding in 2002, and he has been a sponsor and advisor to the Stanford Project on Japanese Entrepreneurship(STAJE) since 2008.

Once again, Dr. Rick Giarrusso, Managing Director at Llenroc Capital LLC, will stand in for me as host and moderator for this week's seminar. Prior to Llenroc, for over 20 years, Rick has launched market-changing products in software, aerospace, professional services, financial services, and even public policy. He was most recently a Managing Partner at Decision Strategies, an international strategy consulting firm.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | 4:15 pm — 5:30 pm
Skilling Auditorium, Stanford University

U.S.-Asia Technology Management Center