Africa: US Aid or Chinese Infrastructure?

FACES, On Common Ground Conference

For complete conference schedule click here.Operating under different strategies regarding their relations with African nations, the U.S. and China are largely viewed as competitors within the continent. As disease and poverty burden the development of African nations, the U.S. has tripled its foreign aid to Africa over the past decade, largely directing it towards disease prevention programs and poverty alleviation. China's approach to development aid has focused more on building infrastructure throughout the continent and offering loans to various national governments. And while trade between Africa and both the U.S. and China has increased greatly, it has increased much more rapidly between Africa and China in recent years. Africa's natural resources make the continent quite attractive as a source of potential trading partners, but government corruption presents a major challenge for delivering effective aid. Operating under a non-interference policy, China does not restrict with which countries it trades based on perceived governmental corruption. But the U.S. relies more heavily on conditional agreements for its determining its aid recipients, mandating that governments enact reforms before receiving aid or trade benefits. What is the current nature of relations between each the U.S. and China within Africa? Can the relationships ever become more multi-lateral ones in which the U.S. and China cooperate to effectively impact Africa's future development?

Francis Owusu PhD., Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Education, Department of Community and RegionalPlanning, Iowa State University

Nick Hope PhD., Director of the Stanford Center for International Development, Stanford University; Former Director of the World Bank, Office of the Vice President, Europe and Central Asia

Joel Samoff, Consulting Professor, Center for African Studies, Stanford University

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | 9:15 am — 10:45 am
Building 200 - Room 305, Main Quad