Buddhist Tantras on their Origins

Leonard van der Kuijp, Harvard University

The Evans-Wentz Lectureship in Oriental Philosophies, Religions, and Ethics: XXXV 2010

Leonard van der Kuijp, a graduate of Hamburg, and former MacArthur Fellow, is professor of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at Harvard, where he chairs the department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, as well as the Committee on Inner Asian and Altaic Studies. Best known for his studies of Buddhist epistemology, he is the author of numerous works on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. His most recent publication is In Search of Dharma: Indian and Ceylonese Travelers in Fifteenth Century Tibet (2009).

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | 7:30 pm — 8:45 pm
Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center.

Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford
Tibetan Studies Initiative
Stanford Humanities Center