Start in U.S. and Grow in China: The Journey from Oracle Research to Ctrip CEO

James Liang, CEO,

Have you booked flights/hotel through Ctrip? Did you know that Ctrip reached revenue of 0.45 Billion RMB in 2009 Q2 alone? James Liang, one of the founders (also ex-CEO and current board chairman) of Ctrip, will join ACSSS's Career Development Seminar on Nov 6th to share with you his exciting journey across the U.S. and China in large firms and startups, research and industry.

Graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a CS Master degree in 1989, James first joined Oracle research. However, he switched to ERP implementation after 3 years and later got appointed as the the head of the ERP consulting division of Oracle China. Then he founded Ctrip in 1999 and lead the firm to NASDAQ IPO within 4 years, whose share price doubled on its first day.

For the students who are still unsure about career path, who wants to accumulate experiences in US and return to China in the future, this is the seminar you can't miss!

Dinner will be served.

Friday, November 06, 2009 | 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm
Havana Room, Graduate Community Center , 750 Escondido Road