Visiting Scholars

The Center for East Asian Studies hosts a small number of visiting scholars each year who reside in the area and conduct research in consultation with a Stanford faculty member. Normally in residence for one academic year, scholars work independently on their own research projects while participating at CEAS events and in the intellectual life at Stanford. For more information about applying to become a CEAS Visiting Scholar, click here. Please note that to become a visiting scholar, you must find a Stanford faculty member to sponsor your visiting scholar status prior to applying at CEAS.

In addition to the scholars listed here, more visiting scholars and visiting fellows who research on East Asia may be found in the following departments, centers, or programs:

Shorenstein-Asia Pacific Research Center
Korean Studies Program
John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships Program
Stanford Humanities Center

Title / Sponsor
Home Institution
Research interests
Ming Chan
Visiting Scholar, CEAS
Stanford University
Ming Chan was a Research Fellow (’76-80/99-09) in the Hoover Institution at Stanford where he obtained his PhD. He has taught at UCLA, Duke, Mount Holyoke, University of Hong Kong, and held endowed chairs at Swarthmore and Grinnell. Chan is author/editor of 13 volumes and 70+ articles/book chapters on Chinese history, Sino-foreign ties and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao studies, and is currently editing 2 Macao volumes while continuing his efforts on Hong Kong oral history-documentary archives.
Tomoko Ikeuchi
Visiting Student Researcher, CEAS
J.F. Oberlin University
Tomoko Ikeuchi is a Ph.D. student in gerontology at J.F. Oberlin University.  Her research interests include emotions of older adults, socioemotional selectivity theory, quotidian reframing, and cuteness in Japanese culture.  She is currently working with Professor Yoshiko Matsumoto of the department of East Asian Languages and Cultures on a research study of quotidian reframing.
Xinjie Liu
Visiting Scholar, CEAS
Sichuan University
Xinjie Liu is an associate professor in the School of Law at Sichuan University. His research at Stanford focuses on the American influence on Chinese legal transplantation in Qing and Republican China, and the similarities and differences of the justice tradition between the U.S. and China.
Kosei Matsumura
Visiting Student Researcher, CEAS
Doshisha University
Kosei Matsumura is a M.S. student in the department of Applied Chemistry in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Doshisha University. While at Stanford as a visiting student researcher, he will be working with Professor Juan Santiago in Stanford's Microfluidic Laboratory studying the microfluidic method for producing microcapsules.
Hongzhong Yan
Visiting Scholar, CEAS
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Hongzhong Yan is a Professor of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE).  He currently serves as the acting head of the Department of Economic History there.  His research spans the fields of the history of business, history of finance and long term economic development in China.  During his stay at CEAS, he will focus on a project that concerns the traditional commercial and financial markets in North China, as well as the comparative studies between traditional Chinese and Western business development.
Xiaoyuan Yang
Visiting Student Researcher, CEAS
Chinese National Academy of Arts
Xiaoyuan Yang is a PhD student in Cultural Policy at the Chinese National Academy of Arts.  His research focuses on the Principal Agent relationship between government, funding organizations, and cultural institutions.  He is currently under the guidance of Prof. Xiaoneng Yang, Curator of the Cantor Art Center at Stanford University.
Helen Young
Independent Scholar, CEAS
Independent Scholar
Helen Young is author of Choosing Revolution: Chinese Women Soldiers on the Long March (University of Illinois Press, 2001). She continues to pursue research, writing, and lecturing on the experience of women in modern Chinese history.
Jianhui Yuan
Visiting Scholar, CEAS
Yantai University
Prof. Yuan received her PhD from the Department of Chinese Language & Literature, Peking University in ancient Chinese linguistics.  She is currently an Associate Professor at Yantai University.  Her research at Stanford will focus on the influence of language contact on Chinese grammar, and the interactions between syntax, semantics and pragmatics of some sentences.
Ji Zheng
Visiting Scholar, CEAS
Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences
Ji Zheng is an associate researcher at the Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences. She received a PhD in Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature from East China Normal University. Her research at Stanford will focus on modern and contemporary Chinese literary trends, cultural studies, and film and television studies as well as theory studies.