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OFF CAMPUS: Berkeley-Stanford Graduate Student Conference in Modern Chinese Humanities


Saturday, April 19, 201410:00 am — Panel 2 — Bodies on Display: Discipline
and Emancipation

Andrew Elmore, Building Modern Bodies: (Trans)nationalizing Physical
Culture and Physique Photography in Early Twentieth-Century China

Jiao Lin, Memory of the Body: The Silent Practice of Breast-Binding in the
Cultural Revolution

Kelly Tang, Ivory "Doctor's Ladies": The Medical and the Erotic Female Body

Student discussant: Renren Yang
Faculty discussant: Haiyan Lee

Noon — Lunch break

1:00 pm — Panel 3 — Martial Fictions: Violent Texts and and Alternative

Emily Goedde, The Humming of Radios, the Explosion of Bombs: The Searchfor
Everyday Sounds in Poetry from Kunming During the War of Resistance

Yunwen Gao, Race, Language and Culture in the Construction of Nationalism
at the End of the Empire: Liang Qichao's "Ban Dingyuan Conquering the West"

Rachel Leng, Military Gay Comrades: Negotiating the Homosocial(ist)
Identity in Mainland China's Tongzhi Fiction

Student discussant: Julia Keblinska
Faculty discussant: Andrew Jones

2:30 pm — Break

2:45 pm — Panel 4 — Transnational Encounter: Otherization and

Elizabeth Emrich, Dueling Exhibitions: Chinese Nationalist Performance on
the World Stage

Keisha Brown, Sounds of Blackness: Musical Performances and
Representations of Blackness in Maoist China

Jesse Chapman, Daoism in the Age of Evolution

Student discussant: Larissa Pitts
Faculty discussant: Alexander Cook

Saturday, April 19, 2014 | 10:00 pm — 4:00 am
UC Berkeley

(CSS) Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley
Center for East Asian Studies