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Stanford-Berkeley Graduate Student Conference on Premodern Chinese Humanities

Saturday, April 12
Room 107, Littlefield Center, 365 Lasuen St., Stanford (note different venue for Saturday)

Session 1 9:00-9:50
Presenter: Daniel Knorr (University of Chicago), “The Eye of the Storm: State and
Society at War in Mid-Nineteenth Century Jinan”

Discussant: Zhijian Qiao (Stanford)

Session 2 9:50-10:40
Presenter: Sharon Sanderovitch (Berkeley), “The Eastern Tour and the Eastern Han
Panegyric: Cui Yin’s 崔駰 ‘Dong xun song’ 東巡頌 as preserved in the
Kōnin 弘仁 Bunkan shirin 文館詞林.”

Discussant: Mark Lewis (Stanford)

Break 10:40-10:55

Session 3 10:55-11:45
Presenter: Evan Nicoll-Johnson (UCLA), “Order and the Eclectic: The Connotations of Za in Early Medieval Bibliographic Scholarship and Textual Compilations”

Discussant: Mark Csikszentmihalyi (Berkeley)

Lunch 11:45-1:15

Session 4 1:15-2:05
Presenter: Xin Wen (Harvard), “What’s in a ‘Surname’? Khotan and the Medieval
Chinese Historiography of the Other”

Discussant: Albert Dien (Stanford)

Session 5 2:05-2:55
Presenter: Rebecca Shuang Fu (University of Pennsylvania), “Negotiating Types and
Degrees of Literacy: A Study of Women’s Literacy Practices in Late Medieval
China (600–1000)”

Discussant: Jidong Yang (Stanford)

Break 2:55-3:10

Session 6 3:10-4:00
Presenter: Nina Duthie (Columbia University), “Origins and Ethnography of the Tuoba
Xianbei in Wei shu and Earlier Historiography.”

Discussant: Albert Dien (Stanford)

Session 7 4:00-4:50
Presenter: Timothy Clifford (University of Pennsylvania), “Book Culture, Literati
Identity, and the Late Ming Tales of the World Craze”

Discussant: Ling Hon Lam (Berkeley)

Saturday, April 12, 2014 | 9:00 am — 5:00 am | RSVP Required
365 Lasuen St

The Confucius Institute at Stanford