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Recent Excavations at Bamiyan

Zemaryalai Tarzi , Professor Emeritus, Strasbourg University and President, Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology

The excavations of Professor Tarzi enable us on the one hand to underline the importance of the artistic school of Bamiyan, and on the other hand to offer a new chronology that has been the object of many researches, since 1922.  During the last decades, thanks to the analysis with Carbon 14 undertaken by German and Japanese teams, we were able to date the Bamiyan Buddhas to the VI-VII century A.D. However, in the light of recent excavations spearheaded by Professor Tarzi (2002-2012) of ancient Buddhist monasteries of Bamiyan, until now unknown, new and exciting discoveries have been made. Thanks to archaeological observations and analysis with Carbon 14 we are able to date the beginning of monastic life as early as the III century A.D. Professor Tarzi will present the result of his research at Bamiyan.

Note: This lecture will be translated into English by Nadia Tarzi

Thursday, March 13, 2014 | 7:30 pm — 9:00 pm
Mitchell Building, Earth Sciences

Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford
The Silkroad Foundation